Picture of the week: swanning around in Cherington

Photographer Verity Rivers captured this stunning image of her swimming partner at one with nature.

A treat for sculpture vultures

With more than 500 places to visit, the National Trust’s basic deal with the British public rests upon the offer of taking home treasured memories of a quintessentially English day out.

A simple guide to explaining hypnosis

Many of us get our ideas about hypnosis from watching people do daft things on the telly with stage hypnotists, so understandably people considering coming for hypnotherapy have some questions concerning what hypnosis is all about. 

Sub Rooms to host Retrofit Fair

Would you like to improve the comfort of your home, reduce your carbon footprint and save money? Then come along to the first Retrofit Fair on Saturday, September 11th from 9am to 3pm on the forecourt of Stroud Subscription Rooms.

Foraging guide – things it is safe to forage and not in August / September

In the run up to autumn, everyone across the UK is being advised of what items they should or should not forage during the months of August and September.

Lifestyle: health is your wealth with Carl Benton

Exercise is the miracle cure we have always had, but for too long we have forgotten or neglected to take our recommended dose. As a consequence, our health is now suffering.

Make a homemade eco-friendly shampoo bar

A recurring trend that seems to keep popping up on the internet is homemade eco shampoo bars- but just how can you make your own at home?

TikTok terrariums: How to make a mini garden in a jar

The terrarium is well established as one of #planttok’s most popular all-time trends- but just how do you make a beautiful biome in a jar?

Video series answers the questions ‘I didn’t like to ask’

Crafts such as sewing have gained popularity during the pandemic, but the downside has been that people haven’t been able to attend face-to-face classes or regular group sessions.

How to stress less about stress

Our bodies’ stress responses stem from our ancient ancestors, who were on a constant lookout for dangers, writes Michèle Lazarus.