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Couple tee-up African golf adventure of a lifetime


Bussage couple Steve and Sarah Forrest will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime later this year.

The couple, who run Travel Lifestyle Golf social media channels will start in South Africa in August, with cameras at the ready to capture the unusual as the journey unfolds which features 13 African countries over a 12-month period.

Their goal is to play 100 African golf courses, this can be from the very best to the grass roots courses – all will have a place in their given countries with each one set to offer the golfer something unique.

Showcasing golf and lifestyle destination locations this is more than golf in a continent that continues to inspire and scare in equal measures. A challenging continent that few know or have ventured in to, especially for golf.

golfguru landrover | Couple tee-up African golf adventure of a lifetime
Fore! Playing off Andi the Landy.

Travelling in their recently renovated and upgraded Land Rover 110 Defender Wolf, ‘Andi the Landy’ this unique journey will also attract Land Rover enthusiasts and those with a thirst for adventure.

Pitched as the most exhilarating thing in golf, this unique adventure is sure to whet the appetite of all golfers, non-golfers and those who like to travel. Blogs, vlogs, articles and social media will be available for all to enjoy and engage with.

Under the couples popular ‘Travel Lifestyle Golf’ channels, even armchair travellers can enjoy this unique adventure whilst they share and discover cultural hotspots, the unusual and the unknown.

Steve recently retired from his corporate telecoms job to join Sarah in Golf Guru Group. His love for photography and engaging on YouTube means his varied roles include photography, videography and drone work.

DSC07930 | Couple tee-up African golf adventure of a lifetime
Sarah Forrest.

Sarah has written for many magazines and publications over the years and is well known in the golf industry as a female specialist. She will be taking copious notes as well as managing the couple’s social media platforms and back up photography.

Together they produce short YouTube vlogs in an easy to digest format based on experience from a male and female club golfer – their unique ‘scoring system’ now reflects their average scores for each course they visit.

They say: “Africa continues to be a mystifying continent with so many unknowns, we want to show what we experience to help others enjoy their next trip – whether it is for golf or not. We want to continue to inspire and influence those golfers over the age of 50, without alienating any golfers or adventurers. Together they plan to show the real Africa with a huge pinch of golf in their unique unbiased friendly and honest way.”

If you would like to be involved or want more information, please email Sarah@golfgurugroup.com or on 0770 934 4016.

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