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Dr Booth Day Centre reopens after pandemic


A year after the pandemic hit, the Dr Booth Day Centre has reopened at Horsfall House in Minchinhampton.

Horsfall House Chairman Christopher Fisher was delighted to see the centre open again, but admitted demand to use the facility is high, he said: “There are more day centre clients wishing to use this friendly and restorative facility than we have been able to accommodate so far as for a period we are limiting numbers.

“As we are only allowed to carry three passengers at any one time our two vehicles are operating to capacity though a number of clients are transported privately. All clients have a lateral flow test before coming into the residence and additionally, all Horsfall House staff receive regular lateral flow Covid tests as well the full weekly PCR.”

The Dr Booth Day Centre is open three days a week, with lunch included and as soon as possible we will move to a full schedule.

Contact Emma 01453 882 if you would like to use the day centre.

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