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Get a new look for free – and help save the planet


In line with its green credentials, Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) is planning a repeat of its popular Eco Clothes Swap, which gives people the chance to get a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny. 

For the fashion-forward event, people are invited to bring clean unwanted clothing to SVP’s eco shop on Threadneedle Street by 4pm on Friday, March 11. They receive a coupon for each item, which they bring along to the Eco Clothes Swap on Saturday 12 March between 10am and 2pm.

“‘Fast fashion’, which involves buying new clothes and throwing them away on a regular basis, is a major contributor to climate change and pollution,” SVP CEO Clare Mahdiyone explains. 

“Defra estimate that clothing production contributes around 2% of household greenhouse emissions, with most of that coming from the dyeing process because of the fossil fuels involved. Many of our clothes are made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, and these can end up as microplastics in the oceans. Unwanted clothes often end up as landfill as well.” 

SVP eco shop is already filling up with colourful fabrics, with plenty of women’s and children’s clothing already waiting for new homes. SVP eco shop supervisor Tash Fletcher says, “It’s been fun sifting through the donations – we’ve had some lovely pieces donated, and our donors are primed and ready to come back on Saturday 12 March to get their hands on some new threads!

“We still need more, though – so if you have any unwanted dresses, skirts, trousers, tops, bring them down – do wash them first, please. We’d particularly welcome more men’s and boys’ clothing. 

“The Eco Swap starts at 10am on Saturday 12 March and will take place outside our eco shop. If you don’t have any clothes to donate, you can still take part; simply donate to our charity to get your hands on a few pre-loved pieces.

“This our second Swap – people loved our first one, so we may even make this a twice-yearly event.”

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