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Imagining a different Nailsworth


A workshop to cultivate a different type of Nailsworth will take place later this month.

Emma, from Nailsworth Climate Action Network, said: “This workshop is an opportunity to bathe in imagining the positive future you’d like to see, and what our town and community could become.

“The thinking behind this work is to create an irresistible vision of the future that can motivate us to make it happen.

“Whilst it’s important to pay attention to what’s going wrong, and to try and avert catastrophe, there’s a danger that we spend too much time imagining bad outcomes, and this can increase our stress. By contrast, imagining positively increases our well-being, and can be a first step to making it a reality.”

Participants will be invited to cultivate a vision of their ideal future, and then to find commonalities that can become a shared vision to work towards.

This workshop will be facilitated by Bill Roberts and Sue Ryall in collaboration with NailsworthCAN as part of the Nailsworth Festival.


Monday, May 23, 7.30pm, Mortimer Room. Tickets £5 (£2 concessions)


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