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Letter to the Editor: a journey through Palestine


Dear Editor,

At a packed Stroud Valleys Artspace on Friday, Palestinian sage tea was shared by the audience,  as members of the Courts family presented their ‘Palestine Journal’ . 

The Courts,  Asher (23),  Ameer (20) and Kirya (21), are from Horsley in Nailsworth, raised in the Stroud area – all three attended local primary and secondary schools.  Their parents  are Jewish and Palestinian, making the children’s journey through life an interesting mix of cultures and history.  

The Palestine Journal detailed the family’s’ visits to Palestine over the last decade or so, with the most recent journey in the Summer of 2023. 

Ameer explained the historical and current political situation in Palestine.  This was followed by  Asher recalling memories of their many visits to see family in Palestine. He recalled his experiences, including one when his Palestinian mother was held for five hours with her young children at one of the many checkpoints. His sister, Kirya, aged 5 then, had her teddy bear ripped apart in the search of their belongings that ensued. Harrowing, and sometimes comedy moments were shared with the audience. 

Reflecting  on the 75 years of the Nakba, when Palestinians  were forced from their homes, Kirya  Courts displayed a rug she had created decorated with the symbols of Palestinian folklore and resistance. 

Kiyra, also showed an animation of those 75 years as seen through the ‘eyes’ of an olive tree. 

A touching and heartfelt talk by three young people. 

Jagdish Patel,

Stroud Global Beats

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