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‘Most haunted’ building featured on national TV


This evening the BBC’s One Show aired a piece where presenter Joe Crowley and Danny Robins, host of the BBC’s Uncanny podcast, visited a twelfth century former pub which is reputedly the most haunted building in England.

Owner Caroline Humphries showed her guests around the building, which was bought by her father, John Humphries in the 1960s and quickly established itself as a centre of paranormal activity.

Josie Gibson Ram Inn 8 of 10 | ‘Most haunted’ building featured on national TV
Josie Gibson with Caroline Humphries. Pic: Matt Bigwood.

“The deeds go back to 1350 – it says it was built in ‘time immemorial’ in 1145, so that was before records began so we don’t know when it was built,” said Ms Humphries.

 “My dad moved in in 1968 and I think the activity started then. He said it started on his first night in bed, above what is now the grave, and his wrists were pulled backwards through the wall.”

52736239212 0e9097f7b7 k | ‘Most haunted’ building featured on national TV
John Humphries. Pic: Matt Bigwood.

The BBC team joined a party of ghost hunters – many of whom travelled from across the country – to experience the ghostly goings-on, and spoke to business people in Wotton, all of whom agreed the Ram brought tourists to the town.

Joe Crowley joined Danny Robins and 20 other paranormal investigators for a night at the former pub. Danny said: “Some people say this is the most haunted building in England, and I think there are a lot of places that make that claim, but this is the ultimate ‘scare BnB’.

51809128755 f6da0151fe k 1 | ‘Most haunted’ building featured on national TV
The Ancient Ram Inn. Pic: Matt Bigwood.

“A lot of people want this to be true, I think it’s really exciting, the idea of ghosts existing. The idea of ghosts is optimistic, the antidote to death, and as scary as it might be it presents hope.”

Caroline told Stroud Times: “I was absolutely delighted when Joe Crawford and Danny Robins arrived. I didn’t know who was coming from The One Show. I’ve seen some of Danny Robin’s work on TV and value his opinion as a paranormal sceptic. Joe Crawford used to present Countryfile, which I love. We had 48hrs to prepare for their arrival, which created a rush of excitement.

The One Show wanted to spend the evening with my customers on a Friday night, observing the vigils. I was interviewed for quite a long time about the rise in Dark Tourism (one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the UK) and how the Ancient Ram brings a wealth of business to Wotton-under-edge.

“Since my new manager, Gill, started last year and the help of my partner Mick, we’ve been able to accommodate customers midweek, as well as the weekends. I’m so pleased we’re helping this beautiful town. It was rewarding all the same to hear local people saying on TV my customers help keep them in business.”

The Ancient Ram Inn has featured on numerous national and international TV shows, including Most Haunted, and was visited by ITV This Morning presenter, Josie Gibson, for Halloween 2022.

The Ancient Ram Inn stages regular open days throughout the year so visitors can have a peek behind the scenes in the historic building.

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