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Readers react to Wilko closure


Readers have reacted with sadness to the closure of Wilko.

Readers left a number of social media comments following a story Stroud Times ran about the now empty unit at the Five Valleys shopping centre in Merrywalks.

Brenda Rimmer said she feels worried for the future of Stroud following the closure: “I walk through the mall and more of the units are shut.

“We most desperately needs shop like Wilko put back into Stroud.

“If Home Bargains goes, well goodbye Stroud ..my heart bleeds for the town that once was bustling full.”

For another commenter, the loss of Wilko signified a blow to the high street.

“Decay is here to stay. It’s the times sadly,” said Chris Fry. “The thing is, big shops struggle these days because of the economic downturn and most of us shopping online too. If I’m any judge Sandersons won’t last very long. “Always nearly empty when I walk past. Went in there once, saw a shirt for over a hundred pounds and walked out again. I don’t believe it’s the right demographic for the town; but then, what is? I’m sad Wilko’s has gone.

“They had some real nice people working there. I just think retail of that type is doomed in most places.”

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