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Retro tech calendar brings a grand boost for the Long Table


RMC Retro, a hands-on collection of computing and gaming based in Chalford, has raised £4,000 for the Long Table through sales of their annual calendar.

Neil Thomas, founder of RMC Retro, said: “We were delighted to work with our audience to contribute to The Long Table and the valuable work they do in tackling food equality. The calendars were made up of images submitted by viewers of our You Tube channel and the theme this year was joysticks, joypads and controllers from our favourite retro computers, consoles and arcades. 1clickprint.com kindly printed them at their own cost and we distributed them to viewers as far away as Australia and America who wanted to support The Long Table.

“Our You Tube subscribers have now surpassed 150,000 and from this fortunate position I feel that it’s my responsibility not only to celebrate our retro hobby with the community we’ve built but also to use it to have a positive impact on those around us, and the values that The Long Table promote were a perfect match. We hope the £4,000 raised helps their good work, and we’re already discussing future events with them such as a retro gaming film night and how we can help them with it.

“If you’d like to visit our retro computer and gaming exhibitions, you can find out more at https://retrocollective.co.uk

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