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Slow cookers, a quick answer for many going hungry


Community groups are launching a crowdfunding bid to help people in food poverty cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

Transition Stroud is working with the Network of Stroud Hubs – Top of Town, Trinity Rooms, Middle of the Hill, Uplands, and Paganhill Community Group – to ensure Slow Cooker Packs reach the people who will get the best use from them. The Hubs will also provide recipe help and run ‘chop and chat’ sessions so people can cook meals together.

A spokesperson for Transition Stroud said: “The cost-of-living crisis is hurting many in our community now and will push many more into poverty over the coming months. As access to decent meals dwindles, people’s mental and physical well-being will suffer, children’s especially, and our community will feel colder, harsher and ill at ease with itself.

slow cooker | Slow cookers, a quick answer for many going hungry

“Putting good, quality food on the table and sharing it is part of what keeps families together, but this becomes ever harder for many as the cost of food and of cooking rockets.

“We’re asking those who can help to sponsor a Slow-Cooker Pack. Packs cost around £30 each, and we’re asking for donations of £5 or more towards our target of £600 to provide 20 households with help towards their meals.”

Slow cookers are a more efficient way of cooking (around seven times cheaper than a conventional oven).  A Slow Cooker Pack will provide a cooker, cookbook and a selection of kitchen staples that can be used in a variety of nourishing meals.

Transition Stroud is also applying for match-funding from local groups so we can buy even more packs and help even more families.

To donate to the Crowdfunder:

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