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Statue consultation draws large response


One thousand six hundred responses have been received on a Stroud District Council consultation into reviewing street or building names and monuments.

The consultation has now closed and the review panel, drawn from community representatives, councillors and historians will consider the responses and publish its recommendations.

“Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, we received over 1600 responses,” said Councillor Natalie Bennett, who chairs the panel,

“The Review Panel will now carefully consider all responses received before making their recommendations to Council later in the year.”

The review was held in response to concerns raised during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, to ensure street names, statues and commemorations represent local people’s values and a modern, inclusive council. The review included gathering views on the Blackboy Clock in Stroud.

The review also asked for nominations of other names, particularly of under-represented groups, who have done something memorable and who should be celebrated.

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