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Swan Lake: love is in the air


It’s that time of year when true love is in the air and this stunning picture of lovebirds Splendid and Sybil capturers that perfect Valentine’s moment.

Keen wildlife photographer Lyn Newman, from Stroud Swan Rescue and Support, spotted the adoring couple exchange a tender embrace on the canal just beyond St Cyr’s Church.

Time is certainly proving to be a healer for Splendid after sadly losing his previous partner Beatrix in a car accident last year, on the Ocean bridge.

And Love certainly has no boundaries when it comes to Splendid. Lyn explained some unusual swan behaviour: “Splendid has split his territory with his son Hope after he’d swanned onto his territory.

“Splendid resolved the situation by giving Hope his territory up to Nutshell Bridge, but over the last few days Splendid has gradually edged back, using the graveyard wall as his last marker.

“Now his son Hope is challenging him to go no further. It’s like swan chess, two highly intelligent swans.

“For a swan to remove an invasion onto his territory by simply positioning himself on a new boundary, without challenge, is extremely rare. We’ll soon know if they stick to their agreements if and where they have cygnets, with just a bridge between them.”

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