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The ultimate starter kit for beginner gardeners


Along with the New Year comes new resolutions, and garden experts are giving people across the UK the ultimate starter kit for those looking to get into gardening in 2022.

Experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have put together all of the equipment newbies will need to get started with gardening.

Starting a new hobby can be overwhelming and often people don’t know where to start.

Lucky for you, these garden experts have offered up their list of essentials for first time gardeners.

A spokesperson for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “Taking on new hobbies in the new year is a great way to develop your skills and fill your time. But when it comes to something like gardening, figuring out where to start can be a bit intimidating”.

“There are loads of gardening tools that you may not necessarily need if you’re a beginner”.

“And when it comes to the tools you do need, you can feel overwhelmed with choices”.

“Most things like a spade and a rake are pretty generic, they just need to be sturdy and have a good grip. But when it comes to things like pruning shears and garden hoses, there are more criteria they should fill”.

“Our list gives you the exact information you need if you’re looking to get into gardening in 2022”.

The Ultimate Starter Kit for New Gardeners:

  1. Gloves

One of the most obvious pieces of equipment you’ll need are gardening gloves. You can actually find different gloves for different jobs – like weeding versus working with roses. But  for beginners, there’s no need to spend ages researching this – a pair of all season gardening gloves are perfect!

  1. Spade

Also high on the list of garden tools is a good spade. Chances are, you’ll use your spade more than any other tool, so be sure to purchase one that will last you a while. Try to go for a standard digging spade that suits your height and is a suitable weight.

  1. Secateurs

These are a bit like scissors for the garden and will be what you use to tidy, prune and deadhead your plants. Perfect for managing your plants when they get a bit out of control! A good set of secateurs will be sharp, have a short handle, feel sturdy to hold and will fit comfortably in one hand. Opt for a spring-loaded pair with a lock to make life easier (and safer!).

  1. Garden fork

Garden forks are used for planting and are when digging to break up and turn compact soil when gardening. These tend to be general purpose and there isn’t one ultimate garden fork that you must get. Just make sure whichever one you decide on is sturdy with a good grip. Remember, if you pick a metal fork, forged tools are stronger than those put together from multiple pieces.

  1. Watering Can

Another obvious purchase you’ll need to make is a watering can. Again, nothing fancy is needed. Bear in mind that metal watering cans will last longer and are a much more environmentally-friendly purchase than plastic ones.

  1. Rake

Rakes are another essential to include in your starter gardening kit. You’ll use your rake to break down the soil so it’s ready for sowing seeds and even remove debris. Like the garden fork, ensure your rake has a good grip and is sturdy. We suggest starting with a metal garden rake (and you can always pick up a plastic leaf rake too!).

  1. Hoe

In order to keep your garden free from weeds, you’ll want to purchase a hoe. Ensure the hoe you purchase is fairly long (you can even get extending models). This will give you good reach when you come to use it.

  1. Hose

Once you’ve gotten into gardening a bit, you may want to purchase a garden hose to make watering flower beds easier and quicker. A good garden hose will be lightweight and compact so it’s easy to store. It’s also worth getting a hose with an adjustable nozzle to ensure the water pressure is not too harsh on your plants.

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