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BBC Survivor series to feature Stroud’s Sabrina


A 45-year-old grandmother of three from Stroud who runs ultramarathons is one of the contestants lined-up for BBC reality series Survivor.

Hosted by comedian Joel Dommett, the show sees 18 people from the UK marooned in a tropical location, as they are divided into two tribes and await a range of challenges testing their physical and mental abilities.

Ultramarathon runner, charity founder, author, mother of four and grandmother of three, Sabrina Pace -Humphreys told Stroud Times: “I was approached in January about being on the show and had to take my time to think about it as it was a big commitment.

Sabrina Pace Humphreys | BBC Survivor series to feature Stroud's Sabrina
Sabrina Pace-Humphreys also penned a book last year on growing up with rural racism. Picture: Matt Bigwood

“It was unlike anything I imagined and was super tough for so many reasons. As a mid-40s mum and gran, the separation from all I know was super emotional.

“It is my hope that, even though the show is heavily edited, that aspects of the work I do for my charity and why I believe representation is so important, comes through. We’ll see.”

Competitors will be voted out of their tribes at the tribal council until the two teams eventually merge and competitors face each other head to head before the sole survivor wins a cash prize of £100,000.

Survivor will air on BBC One and iPlayer with transmission dates confirmed soon.

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