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Clare Honeyfield: we create our own identity


What do you do to motivate yourself when you don’t feel super enthusiastic about life?

This is a question I revisit periodically, when world events, political leaders, and ‘things I have no control over’ start grinding me down.

My first go-to is to identify that I feel a bit ‘meh’ and to accept that. Life is not a flat line and we all have our ups and downs, no matter what our circumstances and lifestyles. 

Then I identify the things I need to address. Being more organised always helps me, as does re-setting my diet and exercise plan to give me optimum energy. Usually, this means giving sugar and flour a break, eating more fresh fruit and veg, and drinking more water.

Getting myself into a peak physical state is always going to help my head, no matter what is going on. Also changing a few habits and changing my thinking around doing things which are great for me – thinking of exercise as a treat, for example, because whoever feels worse after working out?

My main takeaway over the past few years of studying and being involved in the personal development world is that motivation is a myth. The most successful and happy people are not motivated, they are committed to change, committed to self-knowledge, and committed to growth. 

I find that with help from my mentors, coaches, and teachers, I can always find a number of ways to tweak the way I am doing and look at things to feel more positive, more motivated, and more contented, whilst nothing outside of me has changed at all.

Changing the music I listen to, going for a walk, connecting with friends, and getting enough sleep are guaranteed ways to feel more fulfilled, more energetic, and more enthusiastic about life. I avoid watching TV, avoid the news and I’m always looking to be a student of life and learn new techniques for changing things around. 

Perception is not necessarily reality, and I remember someone saying to me over 30 years ago “we create our own reality”  To a large extent I find this is true in my own life and something I love sharing with others. Because when we are in a great place in ourselves, we really can make some positive change in the world. Even if it is just being interested in the person at the checkout and how their day is going. 

Clare Honeyfield is a yoga teacher, coach, and entrepreneur based in Stroud and working globally to help women creatives overcome procrastination and achieve greatness through the development of self-belief, self-care, and community.

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