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Video: Nick Ponting drives the Polestar 1


Nick Ponting tries out the Polestar 1 for size – a unique plug-in hybrid GT with a price tag of £140,000, modelled on a Volvo, Polestar is the result of China and Sweden coming together and creating something a little bit different – a luxurious and great looking GT – but is it worth its rather hefty price tag?

Typically, you’ll see photos of a concept car and then they never make their way to the road looking the same, not with this. It’s certainly different. With some quirky features and sharp angles, only 1,500 vehicles are being built and all in left-hand drive, Polestar will even let you trade in a piece of art to buy one.

dsc01539 | Video: Nick Ponting drives the Polestar 1
Tiff Needell and Nick Ponting.

Is that where it starts to make sense? To round up, Nick visited Tiff Needell to see what he thinks.

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