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Community in fight to save popular pub


In an inspiring show of community spirit, more than 80 people gathered at the King’s Stanley Village Hall, to discuss the future of The King’s Head, a beloved local pub facing possible permanent closure.

The meeting was organised to explore avenues for a community purchase of the pub, ensuring its survival as a vital hub for the village.

The King’s Head, steeped in history and cherished by many locals, is currently up for sale and is not trading. However, rather than accepting its closure, residents of King’s Stanley are banding together to explore alternative solutions.

During the public meeting, attendees heard contributions from community leaders, residents, and pub enthusiasts, all advocating for the preservation of this cultural landmark. The atmosphere was one of determination and optimism, with attendees expressing a strong desire to take action and secure the future of The King’s Head for generations to come. At the same time, attendees acknowledged the uphill battle the pub faces with significant rejuvenation work needed.

Discussions centred around the feasibility of a community purchase, with residents being called to form an initial steering group. The meeting served as a platform for sharing ideas, concerns, and expertise, fostering a sense of solidarity among those committed to saving the pub.

“It was truly heartening to see such a strong turnout and the overwhelming support for saving The King’s Head,” said Rob Falkner, the main organiser of the meeting. “This pub could be not just a place to grab a pint but the beating heart of our community. Its location at the centre of the village couldn’t be better. We are determined to explore every option to keep its doors open.”

Moving forward, a dedicated committee is forming to spearhead the community’s efforts to save The King’s Head. The committee will work to explore funding opportunities, engage with stakeholders, and develop a sustainable plan for the pub’s future. During the meeting, a call was made for anyone with fundraising, legal, or communications experience to come forward. Anyone with direct experience of running a pub was also asked to volunteer.

“We have a long road ahead of us, but with the passion and commitment demonstrated by everyone here today, I have no doubt that we can succeed. What we really need now is for people to turn their initial show of interest into concrete commitments to stand on the steering committee, especially people with experience of running a pub. This project will stand or fall on how our community responds now. If you want a pub in the village, now is the time to come forward” added Sue Stokes another member of the initial steering group.

Green Cllr Steve Hynd (The Stanleys) who also sits on the steering group added, “Around the district, we’ve already seen successful community-run and owned pubs. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. This is a chance for our community to take control of a central part of our community, the local pub and run it as a successful commercial venture for the good of everyone in the village.”

The next steps will include conducting feasibility studies, seeking legal advice, and rallying support from the wider community. Regular updates and opportunities for involvement will be communicated through various channels, including social media, community newsletters, and the dedicated website www.kingshead-kingsstanley.uk

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