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Extraordinary exhibition at Museum in the Park


As Woodcraft Folk approaches its centenary, the Stroud District groups have created a fascinating exhibition to be displayed at The Museum in the Park.

Sharing the wider history of this international organisation, alongside a look into the local groups since they began here in 1996. 

Woodcraft Folk originated in 1925 from the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, an organisation that revolved around camping, hiking and handicrafts, with an ambition to bring world peace. This was led by ex-scout commissioner John Hargrave, who aimed to move away from the more militaristic approach of the Scouts that existed at the time.

  • IMG 20240329 WA0054 | Extraordinary exhibition at Museum in the Park
  • IMG 20230923 WA0005 | Extraordinary exhibition at Museum in the Park
  • IMG 20240329 WA0064 | Extraordinary exhibition at Museum in the Park

Woodcraft Folk’s objective was to create a space to educate and empower young people and for these young people to participate actively in society, improving their lives and the lives of others through active citizenship.

These groups feel as relevant as ever as we battle climate change, war and genocide on an international level whilst regularly standing up to protest against fascism, racial hatred and xenophobia locally. Woodcraft Folk has long been creating spaces for young people to engage in meaningful and empowering action, as well as cultivating a culture of respect, cooperation and unity. This is what underpins the organisation, however the success and longevity of the groups is down to a focus on having fun and creating lifelong friendships. Woodcraft Folk runs various groups for all ages and parents are encouraged to be actively involved. Currently we have space in all groups (with the exception of our Woodchips group for ages 2-5 where we are operating a waiting list).

The Museum in the Park offered us their Community Display Space and the young people and their families worked together to tell the story of Woodcraft Folk and invite more families to get involved.

Stroud Woodcraft Folk has taken part in many actions such as the Flowers to Fairford campaign in protest at the Iraq war, the Leveller’s March in Burford, and recently the Kite Flying in Solidarity with the Children of Palestine on Rodborough Common.

They have travelled to Finland for International camp and interviewed the Prime Minister of Finland, as well as travelling to Russia to meet with local councillors. On a local level the groups meet regularly and run a wide variety of activities including firecraft, outdoor cooking, whittling, art projects, den building, cooperative games, discussions, debates, drama games, lantern making and much more. They hold a regular annual camp where all the Stroud groups come together to make camp over four days as well as travelling to national and international camps to connect with other groups. 

Woodcraft Folk contact details and meeting times



Groups meet fortnightly on Thursdays and Saturday mornings in term time. 

If you are interested in learning more about The Kibbo Kift then visit the Sub Rooms What’s On Guide where they are showing a film on the Kibbo Kift as part of their Subculture event on the 4th of May. https://thesubrooms.co.uk/whats-on/the-kindred-of-kibbo-kift-with-annebella-pollen-1282

Zoe Wilcox, museum curator said: “The Stroud Valleys Woodcraft Folk display will be on show in ‘The Space’ at the Museum in the Park from 9 April to 30 June.

“The Space’ is a community display space – if you would like to showcase your own collection, promote your community group or reinterpret objects from the Museum’s collection to reflect on your own personal story, the Museum in the Park would like to hear from you.

“This is an opportunity to share your passion and reveal the hidden histories within our community. To apply, email museum@stroud.gov.uk with details of who you are, why you are interested in using ‘The Space’ and what you would like to display. A member of the team will get back to you to discuss your proposal.

“The Museum in the Park welcomes all applications and would be especially pleased to receive proposals from applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds, or from applicants with disabilities.”

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