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Ahead of Hedgehog Awareness Week (May 2nd – 8th) we visited Help a Hedgehog Hospital. It was founded in 2008 by Annie Parfitt, and now has three locations in the county dedicated to helping the sick or injured spikey mammals.

Carole Deuten, a carer at the Help a Hedgehog Hospital in Kings Stanley, with one of the patients.
Carole Deuten with one of the patients on the road to recovery.

Carole Deuten, a carer at the King Stanley hospital, told Stroud Times what to do if you discover an injured hedgehog, and what can be done to prevent accidents in the first place.

Many of the hedgehogs have been injured in gardens, strimmers being a common culprit.
Many of the hedgehogs have been injured in gardens accidents.

Contact details can be found on the charity’s website, Help a Hedgehog Hospital

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