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Feline groovy – meet Enid the record store cat


Sharp-eyed shoppers might have spotted Enid, a small, grey Rex cat snoozing on top of a loudspeaker in the window of Sound Records.

Enid the record store cat
Year of the cat: Enid has made the store her home for the past 18 months. Picture: Sound Records.

Tom Berry and Sean Roe, who run the shop in Stroud’s High Street, were ‘adopted’ by Enid. “She belongs to our landlord who lives upstairs – she’d wander into the shop occasionally but was quite shy to start with and it was only after she discovered that I had a box of cat food in the back that she figured out the shop was a good place to hang out,” said Sean.

Enid the record store cat
Pet sounds – Enid regularly spends five hours napping on top of a loudspeaker. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

“I’d say she’s been coming in regularly – almost every day – for about 18 months. Previously she’d just hang out in the alleyway next to the shop.”

Enid the record store cat
Cat’s entertainment: Enid is a regular in the record store. Picture: Sound Records.

Enid is a favourite with visitors, who often take photos of her: “Tony, one of our regulars, pops in to see her and brings her snacks which she consumes atop the speaker. She has her own hashtag #enidthecat on Instagram,” added Sean. “I try encourage visitors to tag her if they take pics – many customers don’t notice her at first and they’re kind of astonished when they realise she’s real!”

Enid the record store cat
Co-proprietor Sean Roe with Enid. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

The audiophile feline is unperturbed by the music: “I put a blanket in a box for her to sleep in, primarily to stop her scrambling over the records. She likes the high vantage point on top of the speaker – I guess she feels safe up there.”

Sound Records in Stroud High Street
Sound Records in Stroud High Street. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Enid has established a daily routine: “She’ll pop in in the morning, complain until we give her some food, then she mooches about for a bit and jumps up onto the top of the speaker and sleeps in her box for five hours.”

Enid the record store cat
Enid the record store cat. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

What is Enid’s musical preference? “I don’t think she has any favourite music – she sleeps through anything. In any five-hour period she’s likely to hear dub reggae, jazz, psychedelic rock, post-punk, soul and disco – she sleeps through it all without any complaints.”

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