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Electric bike show at Stroud Brewery


Enthusiasts and experts are meeting the public at Stroud Brewery on Sunday, June 26th, from midday to 4 pm, to promote electric bicycles and active travel.  

The Stroud valleys have numerous hills, many steep; forcing the majority to drive even the short distances between our town and outlying villages. Traffic is congested, air quality is poor, and obesity is rising to say nothing of the wider climate crisis and the impact of burning fossil fuels in our cars.  

EBikes have come of age, with strong motors, reliable performance, and types to suit a wide variety of riders and purposes. 

This event celebrates and promotes the already diverse group of EBike cyclists in  Stroud. We invite the public to learn from technical experts, practitioners, and the ordinary people of Stroud who choose to carry themselves, their children, and their heavy loads using an electric bicycle rather than a car. 

We are supported by four local cycle shops: The Ark Cycles, The Electric Bike Shop,  The Bike Works and EDemo. Each shop will bring its latest electric bicycles to explain what is available, and how accessible electric bicycles have become.  

Organiser Gisela Blee said: “Our EBike means we can cycle all our local journeys,  even the weekly supermarket shop. Not driving improves your fitness, your sense of wellbeing, saves money and the planet”. 

For further information, please contact:

Gisela Blee on 07833 300537 

Twitter: @StroudEbikeExpo 

Email StroudEbikeExpo@gmail.com 

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