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Electric charging bays could replace car wash site


Dudbridge’s fuel station hopes to attract electric cars if a bid for a new charge zone is backed by planners.

The fuel stop’s existing car wash area will be replaced by electric charging bays for four cars, if Esso gets the go-ahead. The bays will feature a canopy cover, unlike the shelter-free bays found nearby at Stroud’s new Lidl and the town’s Tesco store at Stratford Road.

The development will be close to the Grade II listed Lower Dudbridge House, but a heritage statement from the applicant to Stroud planners says the proposal would be well screened by mature trees and suggests the work will be a visual improvement. 

“The removal of the existing car wash will undoubtedly improve the visual character of the area, potentially to the benefit of the conservation area and setting of the listed building,” the report adds. “The introduction of modern EV facilities in place of the existing car wash will not harm the character or appearance of the conservation area.”

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