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Exhibition raises a grand amount for Stroud District Foodbank


A photographic exhibition held at the Sub Rooms which featured work donated by photographers around Stroud has raised much-needed cash for Stroud District Foodbank.

Organised by author and illustrator Tom Percival, Here We Are raised money through the sale of prints, merchandise and cards. The exhibition launched on November 13th.

Here We Are exhibition 23 | Exhibition raises a grand amount for Stroud District Foodbank

“The opening night was so busy that we had to turn people away at one point as we were over the fire safety capacity number for the venue. So yes, I couldn’t have hoped for a better launch party,” said Tom.

“The exhibition continued to be a real success throughout the week. I had lots of people coming in to take a look and talk about the work that they saw. What was so lovely to see was that people would often express an opinion as to which was their favourite image, and it was always something different. Everybody’s work got mentioned to me at least once by someone.”

A total of £1870has been donated to the Foodbank, and remaining prints will be sold at Foodbank-supporting venues such as The Prince Albert in Rodborough.

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