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Fact or fiction? Dale Vince puts Ecotricity up for sale on April Fools’ Day!


It’s well known that Dale Vince likes to push the envelope but reports on April Fools’ Day suggest the green energy entrepreneur has put his company Ecotricity up for sale and will now make a move into the political arena.

Vince announced he would “pass the baton” to a new owner with the financial clout to develop the company.

He said he intended to keep League Two leaders Forest Green Rovers and would continue plans for the Eco Park development and continue his work as a Climate Champion for Sport with the UN and as a sustainability advisor to UEFA.

Vince insisted it was the right time to step away from “his life’s work” to instead focus on driving policies that would get England to net zero.

“This is a huge decision – it’s been my life for a long time, and is arguably my life’s work. But it’s the right decision at the right time,” he said.

Dale Vince 3 | Fact or fiction? Dale Vince puts Ecotricity up for sale on April Fools' Day!
Dale Vince at Eco Park. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

“Our pipeline of green energy projects is way beyond what we can fund ourselves.

“By passing the baton now to a new owner, Ecotricity will be able to play a big role in the accelerated shift to 100 per cent green energy on the grid.”

Vince said standing down would allow him to “play a part in the next general election in some way or another”.

“What we lack are politicians that get it, and the policies that will help make it happen faster,” he added.

“I believe this will be the most important election of our lives.”

Vince founded Ecotricity from a single windmill in Gloucestershire in 1995.

The firm, which has a turnover of £300m, now supplies renewable energy to an estimated 200,000 homes and businesses across Britain and employs more than 800 people.

It also pioneered Britain’s first megawatt scale windmill and solar project.

Making green gas from grass is the company’s latest renewable energy innovation.

Mr Vince said he was looking for someone with the funding to “turbocharge the development” of the company’s green energy pipeline.

Ecotricity said accountancy firm KPMG, would preside over the sale of the business to its new owner.

A new age traveller who spent over a decade on the road. Today, the company supplies around 200,000 homes and businesses across Britain with renewable energy from the wind and sun. The company employs more than 800 people and has a turnover of over £300m this year.

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