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Finding happiness through art


In December, Whiteshill Primary School is holding a one-off event – an art exhibition on the theme of ‘Happiness’ at Lansdown Hall and Art Gallery in Stroud. 

The exhibition will celebrate the expression of happiness through art; showcasing work created by children at school and staff.

The exhibition has been organised by Martin Turner, who has supplied the children with their own individual professional art supplies to create a unique piece of art each.  

Pupils will spend a whole day in school being artists, with each child, from Reception to Year 6, creating their own painting inspired by what makes them happy.

Heather Francis, Headteacher, Whiteshill Primary School, said: “The mental wellbeing of our pupils, families and staff at Whiteshill is extremely important to us and we know that one of the ways to wellbeing is to ‘take notice’ and savour the moment. 

The last year and a half have really taught us how vital it is to do this and make the most of those moments in life that bring us joy! 

“We hope that this exhibition will start a conversation in our school community and beyond about what makes each one of us happy and how we can look for opportunities to take notice of and appreciate all of those small moments that make life so special.”

A private viewing for parents and children will take place on December 1st and the exhibition will be open to the public on December 2nd from 10 am – 4 pm and on December 3rd from 10 am – late. 

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