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Former Blue Peter presenter is appointed eco ambassador for Stroud charity


As new ambassador for Stroud-based charity, Sustainability & Environment Education (SEEd), Peter Duncan is performing a family show for eco warriors of all ages at the Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday 26th of August. 

The former daredevil Blue Peter presenter (the ultimate in recycling and repurposing shows!) has a theatre, TV and film career that spans five decades and was the UK’s former Chief Scout before Bear Grylls. 

Peter also writes and produces planet-saving Pantos and his take on Jack and the Beanstalk, filmed in his own backyard during Covid, made it into national cinemas. 

TNA05482 | Former Blue Peter presenter is appointed eco ambassador for Stroud charity
Peter Duncan

Drawing on his long career as an actor and environmental activist, his show at the Edinburgh Fringe asks the question ‘If a tree falls down in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound?’ This question challenges us to examine our response to what is happening to our environment through biodiversity loss and climate change. If we don’t hear or directly see the damage being done to our world, then it is easy to ignore it, or believe it is not happening. 

Peter agreed to become an ambassador for SEEd following a long association with the charity’s CEO Ann Finlayson. They first met when Peter was Chief Scout, and Ann was struck by his deep caring and compassion for nature and the environment.

In the early 2000’s Peter undertook an epic journey backpacking around the world with his wife Annie and their 4 children, and this opened his eyes to the beauty and fragility of our natural world. Drawing on this diverse and exciting career, all of these experiences culminate in a deeply thought provoking, entertaining and fascinating show, if you happen to be going to Edinburgh then book tickets here: 

SEEd will be running Young Changemaker programmes with four Stroud-base schools and colleges from September. Read more about their work here:https://se-ed.org.uk

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