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Former teacher publishes first book


A former teacher has just published her first book.

An Accidental Headship chronicles the teaching experiences of teacher-turned-author Helen Glass.

Educated at Amberley Primary School and Stroud High School, Helen Glass told Stroud Times: “My book is a journey through my experiences of education as a pupil, teacher, headteacher and director of education. It includes some lively anecdotes about my time at Stroud High, which I think local folk would find entertaining.”

Helen was head of the former Central Technology College in Gloucester from 2006 until 2010 and spent seven years as head of Fortismere in Haringey, one of London’s top-performing state comprehensive.

“The book is light-hearted in the main but makes serious points about schools and education. There are also some rather juicy moments,” revealed Helen.

Headshots 2022 001 | Former teacher publishes first book
Helen Glass. Picture: Natural Essence Photography.

 As the daughter of teachers, Helen vowed never to go into teaching but a thirty-year career in education lay ahead. 

“I taught in and led schools in many parts of the country and had a lot of funny, sad, and extraordinary experiences along the way. two headships, one in Gloucester and the other in London and three posts as a director of education left me with a wealth of experience to share and so I decided to put these memories down for others to read and enjoy.

 “An Accidental Headship is a book for everyone and whether you loved school or loathed it, you will find things to relate to in it and may find some of what I share very surprising indeed.” 

You can buy the book from Silverwood Books, Waterstones or Amazon. 

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