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Gloucestershire company supports children’s mental health initiative


X-Press Legal Services Gloucestershire is supporting a children’s mental health initiative being run by local company Chance is Change.

The companies have collaborated on the creation of Journey Journals to be gifted to youngsters across the region to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Tom Hoskins, owner of Chance is Change travels across Gloucestershire in The Life Coach, a specially tailored bus which provides a safe, fun and positive space for children to share their mental health concerns.  The Life Coach regularly visits primary and secondary schools across the region to deliver mental health sessions.  It also hosts fortnightly free sessions for families that can’t afford to wait for NHS mental health appointments or to fund private counselling services for children. 

Tom appealed to local businesses earlier this year to help fund the production of Journey Journals which he utilises to help children share their emotions.  Stroud based X-Press Legal Services was swift to respond after owner Emily Challinor saw Tom’s request on a local Facebook group:

“When I read about The Life Coach’s plan to create journals, I thought it was a fantastic idea and immediately reached out to Tom,” commented Emily Challinor, owner of X-Press Legal Services Gloucestershire.  “By helping children understand their mental health and introducing tools such as journalling through which they can overcome anxieties, Tom is providing life skills that will be invaluable.  

“For me, it made absolutely sense as a local business to support youngsters who may one day become part of the professional community here in Gloucestershire.  With Tom’s help I’m confident children across our region will grow into competent adults capable of thriving in whatever career they choose.”

X-Press Legal Services’ support has enabled Chance for Change to print two versions of the Journey Journal at a heavily discounted cost through its local supplier, Wheatley Printers in Stroud.  Two versions of the Journey Journal have been created, one for children aged 5-11 years and a second for 12-18 year olds.  Such was Emily’s passion for the project, that she even turned her hand to helping illustrate the journal cover designs.  Now printed, the journals will be distributed to children across the region over the coming months.

“I am incredibly grateful for the support which X-Press Legal Services has provided,” commented Tom Hoskins, owner of Chance for Change.  “We have been inspiring and improving the lives of young people across Gloucestershire for the past 13 years but there is still so much work to be done to improve mental health across the region.  

“Journalling is a tool which has become incredibly important in helping youngsters to process stress, trauma and regulate their emotions.  It’s also fantastic for creativity and an expressive coping mechanism that can be used throughout our lives.  I very much hope that the youngsters who receive these journals will develop a lifelong habit that will help them overcome whatever challenges they may face.”  

Thirty minute free private sessions with The Life Coach for children age 5-19 (with or without parents) can be booked via the website About – The Life Coach or by emailing info@thelifecoach.org.uk

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