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Having a positive mental well-being is essential


Stroud Times has teamed up with Fiona Dean, a personal trainer at Fifth Dimension Health & Fitness Club. Here, Fiona Dean discusses mental health and well-being.

Every one of us has a level of mental health. Mental Health is classified by the World Health Organisation as, “a state of wellbeing in which the individual realises his/her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and are able to make a contribution to their community”. Mental health is important for the growth and development within a community. Health care professionals would initially look at treatments to address the individual’s circumstances, rather than looking at ‘the bigger picture’ which could greatly reduce the illness and therefore improve the individual’s outlook on life.

DSC09922 | Having a positive mental well-being is essential
Fiona Dean

Mental well-being looks at the psychological and sociological components of life. Being able to ‘cope’ through positive hedonic or eudemonic components allows us to lead a happier lifestyle, protect ourselves from trauma, which includes stress, anxiety and loss, which therefore reduces the burden of mental disorders within the UK and lessens the financial restraints on the NHS, which currently equate to £105 billion each year – roughly the cost of the entire National Health Service.

Maintaining mental well-being at an individual level is important. It is essential to remember that someone who suffers with a mental health disorder could also experience a high or low mental well-being, depending on what is happening in their lives. Treatments may ‘mask’ the condition for a certain amount of time but it is mental well-being we should be looking to change, in order to discourage relapse and aid in managing long-term illness.

The earlier we try to improve mental well-being, the richer a person’s life can be and the more resilient we become. As a result, we experience better health and living standards, social interaction and productivity in the workplace. There is a reduced need for treatment, therefore placing less of a strain on the NHS and other health care professionals. Negative health choices, such as smoking or alcohol/drug abuse, are also lessened, giving us a better chance to lead a healthier lifestyle and avoid medical complications later in life. ‘Flourishing’ in your day-to-day existence and having positive mental well-being is essential.


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