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King of the river: cunning kingfisher perched on angler’s rod as it eyes up its next meal


A cunning kingfisher perched patiently on the end of a fishing rod as it prepared to dive and catch its next meal.

The colourful bird certainly appeared to be king of the river as it perched on top of a carbon fibre rod, just above where the fishing line dropped into the water.

Photographer and lifelong angler Brian Rossiter said that the kingfisher seemed perfectly content resting on his fishing rod: “The day before it landed on the rod just as I picked it up to re-cast and was there for about a minute and then flew off, but the next day I was waiting with the camera this time.”

The kingfisher patiently waited for a catch, diving down into the water to scoop out a minnow, then flew downstream to enjoy her meal, before returning to perch back on Brian’s rod.

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