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Letter to editor: Duke of Kent praises ‘inspiring’ stroke volunteers


Dear Editor,

I am delighted to be able to say a huge thank you to the hundreds of wonderful Stroke Association volunteers this Thank You Day 2022. 

The annual Thank You Day, which takes place on Sunday, June 5, is extra special this year, as it coincides with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend where the nation will stop to celebrate 70 years of service by Her Majesty, the Queen.

To all our volunteers, you make a huge difference to thousands of stroke survivors and their families by sharing your stories, providing information and support through services and stroke groups, promoting stroke in local communities, fundraising, and campaigning for change. 

I’m also delighted to pass on the best wishes of The Duke of Kent, who is also President of the Stroke Association:

“On this Thank You Day, it is an honour to be able to say a huge thank you to every one of the fantastic volunteers at the Stroke Association.

“This special weekend, as we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, it is fitting to also take time to recognise the service of the amazing volunteers who are supporting stroke survivors and their families every day as they rebuild their lives after stroke.

“We are inspired by your dedication, commitment and care towards others, particularly those volunteers who have been so badly affected by stroke themselves.

“My best wishes and thanks to you all.”

So it’s a huge thank you from me and everyone at the Stroke Association. Thank you for giving hope to thousands of stroke survivors and their carers and supporting them with their recoveries – you’re amazing! 

Juliet Bouverie, OBE

Chief Executive of the Stroke Association

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