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Letter to the editor: have your say on boundary changes in Minchinhampton


Dear Editor,

Living in GL6 9LS we are naturally within the historical social, political and council of Stroud district as our immediate neighbour.

All matters affecting us naturally fall on the Stroud District and Stroud constituency; however, our constituency is the Cotswolds and we, therefore, fall without representation from a local MP.

Our natural links in all matters are Nailsworth and Stroud yet we fall within a Cotswold constituency that has no political links to us.

As you know to write to a local MP you must fall within their constituency and hence; writing to the Stroud MP for us bears no response and writing to the constituency Cotswold MP also bears no response as the likely matter to write about locally near always relates to Stroud district matters.

The boundary changes are now open to comment and I would urge you to write if this is of interest to you and ask for a better constituency alignment.

Minchinhampton historically links to Stroud valleys and communities yet we are disconnected by the current and proposed changes.

Richard Thorley
Longfords Mill

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