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Letter to the editor: in difficult times for all, we can have compassion for everyone


Dear Editor,

It will be of no surprise to residents of the whole of Stroud District to hear what a welcoming place we live in.

Thank you to the ninety people who sent messages of goodwill, hope and compassion to local refugees, hanging them on our Christmas tree at Stroud’s Goodwill evening.

The messages included ‘Wishing you good luck and success’, ‘You enrich our country, peace and love’, and one child who wrote ‘You are welcome everywhere be brave’.

These sentiments are in complete contrast to the hostility towards refugees which the Government often seeks to manufacture. We don’t have to look very far to find refugees and the descendants of refugees – indeed many MPs of all parties – who contribute so positively to this country, and to Stroud District.

In difficult times for all, we can have compassion for everyone.

Jean Lawton

Stroud District Together with Refugees

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