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Letter to the editor: the nimbies are trying to bring Stroud to a standstill


Dear Sir,

I read with interest the recent letter in Stroud Times regarding a protest at the proposed new Starbucks coffee shop opening at the old Poundland and Woolworths site.

I’m gobsmacked why a small minority of nimbies are again being given a voice in the local media.

When Costa opened in Stroud I recall a similar protest with six placard waiving usual suspects in attendance and prior to this another minority moaned at McDonald’s.

Negativity is infections, but why don’t these doom and gloom merchants realise that this new business will bring jobs to the town?

And other chain businesses have opened recently and I’ve heard no complaints.

Our town is all about diversity so less moaning and please embrace a new business to the town. Starbucks can run alongside the independent shops we have, the more the merrier is what I say instead of trying to bring Stroud to a standstill.

Kim Johnson,


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