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Life coach: The importance of the journey


Although I’m forever encouraging goal setting, getting outside the comfort zone, and daring to dream, I always come back to one thing. The importance of the journey. It’s not about the goal, it’s about the person you become while you are pursuing the goal.

If there’s any part of my life I’m not happy with, a mixture of gratitude and action always makes me feel better.  Whether it’s a fitness goal, a personal development goal, or a business goal, I’m aware I can only fully enjoy my achievements with generous amounts of self-care. I need to experience the joy of working towards goals as well as the joy of living with achievements, otherwise, life is endless striving. 

I was recently sat at a café table with some friends talking about just how much we had missed the company and socialising over winter lockdown (we each live alone), and I joked that it was ‘that bad’ that one of the things I had most looked forward to was meditating every day. However, all frivolity apart, I keep coming back to the importance of my own wellbeing and the very basics of nutrition, hydration, exercise, rest, and some sort of spiritual practice. I’d say meditation, yoga, exercise, and coaching have been my saviours over the winter, and although I find it tempting in the summer to be out socialising at every opportunity, I also find that if I don’t take time out for self-care, I begin to find life a little less fun, with anxieties and irritations creeping in. So I’ve re-prioritized my morning routine. Some time in silence, just sitting, some time to journal, some gratitude, and a little bit of planning to squeeze in some fitness practices.

It’s not much time out of each day, but it sets me up to be able to show up in a better ‘state’ to deal with day to day life and also to enjoy the good stuff. 

Wishing you a great day today and hoping you find time to pause and appreciate the good stuff. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself for your achievements too. 

Clare Honeyfield is a coach working with entrepreneurs and creatives.

You will find her on social media raving about all things ‘creativity, courage and community.

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