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Lisa Maxwell becomes ambassador for Stonehouse-based cancer charity


Cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow, which helps the NHS provide mobile cancer care in local communities, has moved to new offices in Stonehouse.

At the opening of its new headquarters, actress Lisa Maxwell was made an ambassador for the charity, as it prepares to expand its support for NHS cancer care across the country. Last year more than 26,000 cancer treatments were provided on the charity’s mobile units.

DSC07916 | Lisa Maxwell becomes ambassador for Stonehouse-based cancer charity
Lisa Maxwell, the new Hope for Tomorrow ambassador, with Tina Seymour, Chief Executive. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

On her appointment, Lisa said: “I want everyone to know how amazing the Hope for Tomorrow charity is and how it’s incredible and easily accessible mobile units are making cancer treatment a much less overwhelming experience for so many patients. At a difficult time for the NHS and when household incomes are being squeezed, the charity is able to make a valuable contribution to cancer care. We should all have access to a Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer unit.”

DSC07872 | Lisa Maxwell becomes ambassador for Stonehouse-based cancer charity
The new Hope for Tomorrow HQ in Stonehouse. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

As a Hope for Tomorrow ambassador, she joins charity patrons including Ross Brawn, Gloria Hunniford, Martin Brundle and Derek Bell MBE who raise awareness of the charity by attending fundraising events, encouraging donations and supporting it through various media channels and live appearances.

The charity’s chief executive, Tina Seymour, said: “We’re delighted to have Lisa join us at a crucial time for the NHS and for patients. Since 2019, despite Covid, we’ve enabled our NHS partners to provide 79 per cent more cancer treatments directly in their local communities and we’ll be increasing that number in the years ahead. When you consider that cancer treatment often takes place over several months or even years, the financial savings can be considerable for patients – something which has become increasingly important in the current economic climate. Helping to treat patients locally on our units also frees up oncology departments for more complex cancer cases. Our contribution will help reduce the national cancer care backlog. Our new location in Stonehouse will make it easier to achieve our aims.”

DSC07941 | Lisa Maxwell becomes ambassador for Stonehouse-based cancer charity
The mobile unit outside the new Hope for Tomorrow HQ at Stonehouse. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

The charity’s new HQ at Stonehouse Business Park is close to towns and cities such as Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol making it more attractive as an employer and giving it access to a larger talent pool when recruiting. It is also only a few minutes from the M5, moving it closer to key suppliers and making it easier to visit its NHS partners across the country.

Hope for Tomorrow | Driving Cancer Care Forward

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