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Marling school impacted by crumbling concrete


Marling school has been forced to close a building on its site after potentially unsafe concrete was found.

The headteacher of Marling School in Stroud, Glen Balmer, notified parents that the concrete issue had been found in a survey.

Department for Education (DfE) advice states that buildings where RAAC is present cannot be used.

The rest of the school will remain open as no other traces of RAAC were found.

Mr Balmer said a site survey had found that RAAC had been used in the construction of a building at the rear of the school’s design technology (DT) block.

In a statement, the headteacher said: “Given the change to DfE guidance, the affected area, including two DT rooms, will be closed at the start of term to ensure everyone’s safety while remedial work is planned and implemented.

“During this period, we will be working to ensure the full DT curriculum is effectively delivered.

“As the rest of the site has been confirmed RAAC free, the school will otherwise function as normal.”

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