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Meningitis Now CEO takes up London Marathon challenge


Dr Tom Nutt, CEO of Stroud-based charity Meningitis Now, will be running the London Marathon next month, raising vital funds for meningitis support.

This isn’t Tom’s first running rodeo. He ran the London Marathon 2019, completing it in an impressive 4 hours 19 mins. He raised a total of £10,000 for Meningitis Now’s vital work supporting people impacted by the awful disease.

Tom is a busy family man as well as CEO so he’s finding any free moment to get his training miles in before the big day on Sunday, April 23rd.

He said: The biggest challenge is squeezing in the time to train. I often find myself training late at night. I don’t mind this, I actually like training in the dark, but sometimes people think I’m a bit odd to be running the streets of Stroud at midnight!”

Stroud’s steep valleys are the perfect place for that essential cardio training. Tom added: “There are very few bits of the town and its surrounding countryside that are flat! When I want to run a long distance, I’ll follow the canal path anywhere between Sapperton and Stonehouse.”

“For shorter runs (up to 12 miles) I am happy to run up and down the valleys, taking in Thrupp (where I live), Uplands, Cainscross, Rodborough, Butterrow, Walls Quarry and Brimscombe. It helps if you don’t mind running uphill!”

Running comes naturally to 46-year-old Tom, who has always run to benefit his physical and mental health. He hopes other people will be inspired by his efforts and has some encouraging words for budding runners: Don’t overthink the challenge of running. Just go for it, and when training, simply aim for improvement at each stage, such as by running at a faster pace or a longer distance. With time, you’ll have improved in a way you might have previously thought impossible.”

As well as the personal benefits running the London Marathon will give Tom, he is inspired to raise funds and awareness for the charity that’s so close to his heart. He added: “I realise that, as CEO, I may be biased, but I have genuinely never encountered a charity that has the warmth and compassion of Meningitis Now.

“The people who support this charity – known affectionately as the ‘Meningitis Now family’ – are simply amazing and share a determination in common to save lives and rebuild futures. It is both a pleasure and privilege to be able to run the London Marathon as part of this incredible team.”

Tom has a JustGiving page where he is accepting kind donations from supporters. He is also organising a bingo night on Thursday 6th April at Stroud Brewery.

The host will be the incomparable Kim Flannery who residents of Stroud will know hosts bingo with a twist! It will be musical, funny and raucous. Anyone who wants to come along can sign up via Facebook or by emailing fundraising@meningitisnow.org. Alternatively, turn up from 6.30pm on the night!

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