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Most people are broadly happy to support her right to free speech, says Stroud MP


MP Siobhan Baillie insists controversial personality Katie Hopkins has the right to give her views in Stroud.

The former Apprentice TV is set to talk at the Star Inn in Whiteshill next week and despite a raft of opposition to her visit, Ms Baillie believes Hopkins will be broadly welcomed to Stroud.

Ms Baillie told Stroud Times: “I will not be going to see Katie Hopkins but this is a free country and she can give her views within the law at any location she arranges. This is an important principle.

“We are lucky to live in a a spirited area that has a wide range of views. My own email inbox can testify to that. Most people are broadly happy to support her right to free speech even if they do not agree with her views. It’s much better to disagree and debate rather than cancel.”

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