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Parents and children demand climate crisis remains a priority


Parents and children gathered outside the office of Stroud MP, Siobhan Baillie, on King Street today, organised by Parents for Future Stroud, a parents-led climate group, not affiliated with any political party, but concerned that MPs keep the climate crisis as a top priority. 

Similar actions took place across the UK, designed to hold MPs to account for their record on the climate and environment and exposing politicians who failed to back climate and environmental action, as well as highlighting MPs who have done so.

Lucie Brown, from Parents for Future Stroud, said: “The latest UN report tells us the world is now on track for three degrees of warming – double the limit identified as safe by scientists – yet our MP supported the recent rollbacks on climate commitments.

Stroud Parents for Future Saturday 25.11.23 1 | Parents and children demand climate crisis remains a priority
Picture by Catherine Harder.

“We deserve an MP who represents our community’s desire for action so that we can keep our children safe and advocate for children all over the world already facing drought, fires and conflict as a result of climate breakdown.”

Charlotte Howell-Jones, Co-Director of Parents for Future UK, said: “We want to see all new oil and gas licences and projects stopped, including the Rosebank oil field, and proper investment in home grown renewable energy that can bring down bills at the same time as reducing carbon emissions.

“Parents will continue to push our MPs to commit to action on climate and nature, to stop this government condemning our children to a bleak future.”

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