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Pictures: urging employers to prepare for ‘the unthinkable’


Redkite Solicitors hosted their monthly WorkStory event on Tuesday, when Dr Richard Castle spoke about responses to trauma in the workplace and mental wellbeing.

At Tuesday’s event at The Old Lodge, Dr Castle, himself a survivor of the 1999 Paddington Rail Disaster, described the way the brain works as being like test tubes full of chemicals and when something traumatic happens the test tubes become imbalanced.

Dr Castle also spoke about how one in four people suffer from poor mental health, and that it can take the brain six to eight weeks to recover from a traumatic event. He also spoke about how most companies do not have a procedure in place to support their employees should an ‘unthinkable’ event happen at work.

Workstory 17 | Pictures: urging employers to prepare for 'the unthinkable'
Andy Jarrett from The Nelson Trust.

He is involved with Diverse Leap, a charity that trains their volunteers to actively listen to people’s problems. They provide a safe space for people to freely speak without judgement and are planning to expand into the Stroud area soon.

The event also supported Stroud-based The Nelson Trust, and fundraiser Andy Jarrett spoke about the role of the charity and future events, including ‘1K your way in May’ which encourages families to be more active and run, walk, hop or skip one kilometre every day in May.

Pictures by Matt Bigwood

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