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Revealed: Stroud’s most expensive streets


A report on the high-end property market in and around Stroud, detailing the streets with the highest property prices and square footage.

High-end streets

House prices in Gloucestershire average £323,000, but many properties in the area have sold for much more.

On the wealthiest street in Stroud, an average property is estimated to be worth £872,000, over three times the £281,000 national average house price.

The street with the largest properties in Stroud has an average house size of 2,219 square feet, over two times the 950 square feet average home.[2]

Stroud’s most expensive streets

  1. The Vatch, GL6 Average value: £872,000, Average size: 1,525 sq ft
  2. Cheltenham Road, GL6 Average value: £726,000, Average size: 1,361 sq ft
  3. Butterrow West, GL5 Average value: £693,000, Average size: 1,119 sq ft
  4. Walkley Hill, GL5 Average value: £583,000, Average size: 1,591 sq ft
  5. Frome Hall Lane, GL5 Average value: £530,000, Average size: 2,219 sq ft
  6. The Woodlands, GL5 Average value: £528,000, Average size: 1,354 sq ft
  7. Rodborough Lane, GL5 Average value: £528,000, Average size: 1,635 sq ft
  8. Field Road, GL5 Average value: £519,000, Average size: 1,771 sq ft
  9. Rodborough Hill, GL5 Average value: £511,000, Average size: 1,480 sq ft
  10. Coronation Road, GL5 Average value: £506,000, Average size: 1,543 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £384

Areas surrounding Stroud


  1. Lower Littleworth, Amberley, GL5 Average value: £1,151,000, Average size: 2,177 sq ft
  2. Giddynap Lane, Amberley, GL5 Average value: £994,000, Average size: 1,538 sq ft
  3. Theescombe Hill, Amberley, GL5 Average value: £975,000, Average size: 1,891 sq ft
  4. Pinfarthings, Amberley, GL5 Average value: £888,000, Average size: 1,968 sq ft
  5. Theescombe, Amberley, GL5 Average value: £888,000, Average size: 2,037 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £509


  1. Nashend, Bisley, GL6 Average value: £1,007,000, Average size: 1,257 sq ft
  2. George Street, Bisley, GL6 Average value: £864,000, Average size: 1,229 sq ft
  3. Holloway Road, Bisley, GL6 Average value: £754,000, Average size: 1,741 sq ft
  4. Church Hill, Bisley, GL6 Average value: £727,000, Average size: 1,302 sq ft
  5. Back Lane, Bisley, GL6 Average value: £726,000, Average size: 1,489 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £581


  1. Bownham, Brimscombe, GL5 Average value: £1,199,000, Average size: 1,753 sq ft
  2. Toadsmoor, Brimscombe, GL5 Average value: £906,000, Average size: 1,731 sq ft
  3. Knapp Lane, Brimscombe, GL5 Average value: £874,000, Average size: 1,140 sq ft
  4. Quarhouse, Brimscombe, GL5 Average value: £654,000, Average size: 1,691 sq ft
  5. Youngs Orchard, Brimscombe, GL5 Average value: £568,000, Average size: 1,430 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £542


  1. The Chestnuts, Bussage, GL6 Average value: £654,000, Average size: 1,959 sq ft
  2. The Ridge, Bussage, GL6 Average value: £482,000, Average size: 1,088 sq ft
  3. Sibree Close, Bussage, GL6 Average value: £460,000, Average size: 1,434 sq ft
  4. Beale Close, Bussage, GL6 Average value: £456,000, Average size: 1,098 sq ft
  5. Ashley Drive, Bussage, GL6 Average value: £439,000, Average size: 1,059 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £375


  1. Cirencester Road, Chalford, GL6 Average value: £925,000, Average size: 1,704 sq ft
  2. Dark Lane, Chalford, GL6 Average value: £873,000, Average size: 1,866 sq ft
  3. Marle Hill, Chalford, GL6 Average value: £675,000, Average size: 1,319 sq ft
  4. Coppice Hill, Chalford, GL6 Average value: £612,000, Average size: 1,493 sq ft
  5. The Frith, Chalford, GL6 Average value: £612,000, Average size: 1,604 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £463

Chalford Hill

  1. Abnash, Chalford Hill, GL6 Average value: £846,000, Average size: 1,374 sq ft
  2. Skiveralls, Chalford Hill, GL6 Average value: £700,000, Average size: 1,641 sq ft
  3. Midway, Chalford Hill, GL6 Average value: £679,000, Average size: 1,455 sq ft
  4. Commercial Road, Chalford Hill, GL6 Average value: £679,000, Average size: 1,277 sq ft
  5. Middle Hill, Chalford Hill, GL6 Average value: £633,000, Average size: 1,503 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £488

Forest Green

  1. Old School Close, Forest Green, GL6 Average value: £713,000, Average size: 2,083 sq ft
  2. Northfield Road, Forest Green, GL6 Average value: £574,000, Average size: 1,549 sq ft
  3. Star Hill, Forest Green, GL6 Average value: £549,000, Average size: 1,260 sq ft
  4. Whitecroft, Forest Green, GL6 Average value: £547,000, Average size: 1,707 sq ft
  5. Fieldways, Forest Green, GL6 Average value: £492,000, Average size: 1,668 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £348


  1. Barton End, Horsley, GL6 Average value: £1,171,000, Average size: 2,756 sq ft
  2. Sealey Wood Lane, Horsley, GL6 Average value: £936,000, Average size: 1,746 sq ft
  3. Nupend, Horsley, GL6 Average value: £792,000, Average size: 1,671 sq ft
  4. Tickmorend, Horsley, GL6 Average value: £772,000, Average size: 1,693 sq ft
  5. Hartley Bridge, Horsley, GL6 Average value: £677,000, Average size: 1,510 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £464


  1. Forwood, Minchinhampton, GL6 Average value: £1,529,000, Average size: 2,971 sq ft
  2. Chapel Lane, Minchinhampton, GL6 Average value: £1,069,000, Average size: 2,443 sq ft
  3. New Road, Minchinhampton, GL6 Average value: £1,038,000, Average size: 2,401 sq ft
  4. Besbury Lane, Minchinhampton, GL6 Average value: £1,011,000, Average size: 2,679 sq ft
  5. Balls Green, Minchinhampton, GL6 Average value: £1,007,000, Average size: 2,631 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £431


  1. Worley, Nailsworth, GL6 Average value: £854,000, Average size: 1,832 sq ft
  2. Tetbury Lane, Nailsworth, GL6 Average value: £797,000, Average size: 1,515 sq ft
  3. Church Street, Nailsworth, GL6 Average value: £665,000, Average size: 1,025 sq ft
  4. Fewster Road, Nailsworth, GL6 Average value: £654,000, Average size: 1,565 sq ft
  5. Northfield Road, Nailsworth, GL6 Average value: £652,000, Average size: 1,372 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £496


  1. Paradise, Painswick, GL6 Average value: £1,468,000, Average size: 2,673 sq ft
  2. Edge Road, Painswick, GL6 Average value: £1,282,000, Average size: 1,621 sq ft
  3. Hambutts Mead, Painswick, GL6 Average value: £1,193,000, Average size: 2,275 sq ft
  4. Kingsmead, Painswick, GL6 Average value: £1,060,000, Average size: 3,376 sq ft
  5. The Highlands, Painswick, GL6 Average value: £1,056,000, Average size: 2,326 sq ft

Average cost per square foot: £494

 House price trends

The average home in Gloucestershire added £30,000 in value in the last year. In the UK overall, an average home added £28,000 in value.[3]

Data sources

[1][3] Average house price figures are sourced from HM Land Registry House Price Indexes, which are currently available up to May 2022. Property sale data includes transactions made since 1995.

[2] The UK average property size is the median average property size

Property value data

House price data is sourced from HM Land Registry, including price paid data and House Price Index (‘HPI’) data, both of which are used to estimate current property value.

Property value is estimated by adjusting the last sale price for each property, using a local HPI, to average reflect price movements since the sale date. For more detail on property value estimates, please read the Varbes Property Valuation Reports.

For example, if a property in Stroud was last sold a year ago for £200,000 and the Stroud HPI had increased by 10% in the last year, the property would have a value estimate of £220,000.

Currently, the Gloucestershire and United Kingdom HPIs are published up to the start of May 2022.

Streets where non-residential property sales significantly influence the street’s average value have been removed from the results.

Property size data

Property sizes data is the ‘Total Useful Floor Area’ field reported on Energy Performance Certificates (‘EPCs’) where available.

Total Useful Floor Area is the total of all enclosed spaces measured to the internal face of the external walls, i.e. the gross floor area in square feet.

EPCs are published by the government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, certificates issued up to December 2021 are included.

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