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Starbucks debate: developer open to talks over coffee shop fury


With coffee giants Starbucks set to open in Stroud, the man behind the contentious move is urging detractors to meet him face-to-face.

The national coffee chain will be taking a 1,450 sq ft unit next to the new medical centre on King Street.

Originally developer Mark Dransfield had intended the ground floor unit to be a pharmacy rounding off the full medical service offer. Despite best efforts over the last two years, no pharmacy has been willing to relocate their licence to operate at the premises.

Managing Director for Dransfield Properties, Mark Dransfield DL, said: “We have made huge steps forward with our redevelopment work in Stroud with phase 4 nearing completion.  The views from part of our community on the announcement of Starbucks joining us have been heard and I would urge anyone unhappy with my decision to contact my office and I will meet with them to hear their concerns and explain why I have taken this decision.  

“I have invested with a number of independent businesses to help them achieve their goals and, as a family business, we will always support local traders but no town can exist without a mixture of national and local businesses.”

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