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Steaming through Stonehouse


Ex-LMS Black Five Locomotives numbers 44871 and 45407 Lancashire Fusilier blasted through a sleepy Stonehouse station on the GBXV1, on 1Z03 10.03 Margate to Cheltenham Spa on Saturday evening.

This was day one of the impressive special tour that will cover a good part of the UK, steam hauled in the coming week, organised by The Railway Touring Company.

44871 45407 Stonehouse on GBXV1 1Z03 10.03 Margate to Chelt Spa sat 13 4 24 by RK 1 | Steaming through Stonehouse
Black 5s 45407 and 44871.Stroud 13 04 23.GREAT BRITAIN XV1 | Steaming through Stonehouse
Black 5 44871 at Stroud station. Pic: Ian Thomas.
Class 47 No 47 812.on the back for train heating and air conditioning.passing Stroud | Steaming through Stonehouse

Pictures by Richard Kelsey and Ian Thomas

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