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Step aside Willy Wonka… Dale Vince is a giveaway diamond geezer


Maverick entrepreneur Dale Vince is offering readers of his new book the opportunity to win a diamond.

Inspired by Willy Wonka, and the golden ticket, Dale is hiding ten of them, virtually, in copies of his recently penned Manifesto.

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Dale said: “If you buy the book you get the chance to win a ticket – which gets you an actual Sky Diamond and a visit to the place where the magic happens.”

Dale and his team has made the world’s first “zero-impact” diamond- using a sky mining facility in Stroud to extract the chemical element from the atmosphere, with wind and sun providing the energy – the process also uses rain water.

He said: “The entire ingredient list comes from the sky and it’s not just low or zero carbon, it’s actually negative carbon in that respect, because we’re locking up atmospheric carbon into a very permanent form of carbon, the diamond.

“We no longer need to dig these enormous holes in the ground – they’re visible from space, some of them. We don’t need to do that to get diamonds, we can just make them from the sky in an entirely benign process.

“We see this as 21st century technology, the exact kind of thing we need to be doing to fight the climate and other sustainability crises, but also enable us to carry on living the way that we’re used to living and want to live.”

The diamonds, certified by the International Gemmological Institute, take a couple of weeks to be made.

The diamonds will be available to pre-order from early in the new year.

Manifesto documents key moments from Dale’s life and career – his rescue mission for Forest Green Rovers football club in 2010, a series of legal disputes with big businesses like Tesla, and what went down at the Battle of the Beanfield in 1985.

On writing his first book, Dale added: “I’ve been asked to write a book a few times over the years – but it never felt like the right moment. Something clicked when I met John in 2019, and I used the coronavirus lockdown to get everything out onto paper.”

Details on how to enter can be found on Dale’s new website, where you can also order a copy of his book by going to… zerocarbonista.com

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