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Stroud co-working office ethos helps sustainability business to take off


A chance meeting of minds helped provide the spark to the relaunch of an online parking initiative.

Founder Kate Vidgen established En Route Parking in 2018 with the launch of the website and online booking platform in 2019.  As for many businesses, things were halted in 2020 due the pandemic.  Now, as we find ourselves in the new normal, Kate is bringing En Route Parking back to help provide commuters with a new and sustainable way to get to work and their studies.

En Route Parking provides guaranteed parking for car sharers to book online at www.enrouteparking.com.  A place that’s on the way to work to park a car whilst sharing the rest of the journey with a co-worker.  It’s an ideal solution for students too, travelling to the numerous colleges around the county and the University campuses.  

En Route Parking provides a more sustainable way to commute.  One that saves fuel, reduces carbon emissions, reduces congestion, improves air quality and helps reduce the stresses of rush hour travel leading to enhanced well-being.

“It’s brilliant to see En Route Parking live again after pausing the business during the pandemic.  It’s been great to pick up where I left off and I’m really grateful to those En Route locations that have continued to offer their parking spaces to the scheme.”  Kate commented.

En Route 9 | Stroud co-working office ethos helps sustainability business to take off
Kate Vidgen and Andy McDonald at Spacehoppers Co-Working

Kate often makes use of Spacehoppers Co-Working at Libby’s Drive in Stroud as a place to work from.

She added:  “As a working mum I find I just need to get out of the house and away from the distractions it can cause during the working day.  Spacehoppers provides me with a vibrant space to work, where I can interact with others but also get a lot of work done!”

Although it’s not just the headspace Kate has found at Spacehoppers, it’s been where En Route Parking has also found its new private investor.  

“Spacehoppers is great for meeting new people and it’s where Andy and I started to chat during our working days there.”  

Andy McDonald is a Finance Director and frequent ‘Hopper’ and he and Kate found themselves talking not only about their day jobs during their co-working time, but also the relaunch of En Route. 

 “It has seemed obvious to me that now is the right time to relaunch En Route Parking, but with my job as an account manager and limited funds I was looking for ways to raise capital.  Knowing Andy’s finance background I asked his advice –  we talked through the numbers and on seeing the potential Andy offered to invest!”

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