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Stroud Film Festival is underway


After a handful of lead in events in February, Stroud Film Festival starts in full this month with a series of unique films and film events, many with a Stroud flavour.

Hosted at twelve venues across the district, the festival features thirty  separate events with workshops and an exhibition, which starts at Lansdown Hall on 1st March,  as well as films, finishing on 19th March.

Friday 3rd March sees  the newly released Neptune Frost at Lansdown Hall. This screening  is hosted by Stroud’s Black Ark Media  and will include an introduction by guest speaker.

Saturday 4th March begins with a ‘relaxed’ screening of  Sing 2. Run in conjunction with Stroud based charity Allsorts, this popular children’s film  will be accessible to all and is the first of three events at Lansdown Hall

Later that day  two short films connected to Stroud are on the screen along with  a chance to meet the film makers The Society for Unwanted Objects is an award winning documentary about the life and collecting habits of James who has become well known in Stroud after opening a shop on Lansdown.

Chatter is an acclaimed drama set in and around Stroud directed by Jane Devoy and starring the Ashcroft family – Laura, Mia and Audrey Smith.

Later that evening there’s a chance to see Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, and to escape into the Paris of the 1890s. Guests can sample the cocktails,  (optionally) dress up and learn some dance moves of the time.

Many of the events include a chance to meet the director or people connected with the film and the range of films on offer is certainly broad.  

Fantastic Mr Fox is on Sunday  5th March at the Stroud Brewery, another festival venue,  in an afternoon screening of the Wes Anderson classic aimed at all the family.

Back at Lansdown Hall, Sunday evening brings us  Look Inside Ukraine, a chance to see some short films by Ukrainian directors, introduced by a Ukrainian director, alongside a chance to hear  from fellow refugees who are currently resident in Gloucestershire.

Lansdown Film Club, Stroud Film Society, The Electric Picture House, Stroud Valleys Artspace, Allsorts, the Electric Cinema Wotton, Hawkwood and the Sub Rooms are all involved, as well as the Brewery. Watch out too for some special film festival beer! 

More on all the films and how to get involved in the festival is at www.stroudfilmfestival.org

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