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Stroud & Proud: Becky Crabb – Jodie Comer, Winstones ice cream and potholes


We sat down with Stroud paramedic Becky Crabb to put her under the Stroud & Proud spotlight.

Becky is 29 and went to Maidenhill School in Stonehouse. Her formative years saw her work as health care assistant at Gloucester Hospital, which inspired her to study Paramedic Science at the University West of England in Bristol.

Becky has now been a fully qualified Paramedic for five years and is based at the ambulance station in Stroud. 

Being a paramedic has given Becky a greater understanding of people and the variety of circumstances that effect people every single day.

Becky loves using her skills and knowledge to make a difference to people’s lives. Being able to help others, in their moment of need, is an experience like no other for Becky.

Stroud & Proud Spotlight – Becky Crabb

When are you at your happiest?

I’m happiest when travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people from different cultures. There’s so many beautiful places and I want to experience as many as I can!

What has been the scariest moment in your life?

I visit Cornwall most years with my family. One year I got caught in a rip tide and swept out to sea. Luckily I kept hold of my board otherwise, when getting washed over the rocks, I without a doubt would have come off worse!  However, at work I witness the after math of many scary incidents; that make my rip tide ride seam rather small!

What has been your biggest disappointment? 

I can’t pinpoint my biggest disappointment; I’ve had many small ones. But as Winston Churchill once said: “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” I embrace new challenges and refuse to give up after temporary setbacks, I believe this increases chances of success.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I can’t resist a cheeky scroll through sky scanner, admiring my next holiday destination prospects. Oh and ice cream! Ice cream and holidays … what a combination.

Who is the most famous person in your phone?

Now and again I have some random messages slide in on socials. The most recent was an ex Sheffield United player,  The most random was Abdullah ben Nasser Al Thani ; the owner of Malaga FC.

What is your favourite smell?

Fresh coffee! Working night shifts .. coffee is essential.
Otherwise I love sweet florals.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Jodie Comer played a health care assistant in Channel Four drama; Help,  Amazingly, she was able to voice with emotion, a journey through Covid, that care home and health care workers experienced. On the other hand she appears to be a down to earth independent female with a great sense of humour. So I think she’d be the perfect actress to film the tears and laughter I share with patients and colleagues but also my adventure seeker life outside of work!  

What do you like most about living in the Stroud area?

Growing up in Stroud it’s easy to take for granted the beautiful gems of Stroud from Highland cows on the common to the otters in the canal. Its unique charm and beautiful views. 

I love a morning run or walk with my dog down the Stroud water canal paths. My parents live along the Cotswold Way walk trail and they often get told what a beautiful part of the world to live. 

Also, I love working in Stroud and meeting incredible people with all sorts of life stories. I often work along side Stroud’s incredible volunteer community first responders who make a huge different to people in their moment in need.

What would you improve about Stroud?

It’s a given to say the huge amount of potholes! Especially those highlighted by the phallus drawings around them spotted throughout Stroud. It a mission avoiding the pot holes when driving the ambulance when you have a patient in the back with an injury such as broken leg!

What is your ideal weekend? 

My ideal weekend would be spent with those closest to me, a lovely country walk with my dog, followed by a local pubs for lunch or of course a visit to Winstones for a well deserved ice cream! 

Additionally I’m always keen for a spontaneous weekend getaway, whether it be a city or beach!

What is on your bucket list?

My bucket list is continually growing, just as quick as the things getting ticked off.  Next year I turn 30 and would love to sky dive while raising money for charity.  I’d also love to travel the Scottish North Coast 500.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

I’ve learnt that while working towards goals and making plans for the future is commendable and often very useful, rushing full-speed ahead towards anything is a one-way ticket to burnout and a good way to miss your life as it passes you by.  Especially in my line of work, I witness how short life can be, and everything change all of a sudden without any warning. 

Therefore I believe everyone moment, interaction and taste is precious. I wouldn’t want to waste it on the wrong people, the wrong job and doing things (that aren’t essential; because there’s not many people that enjoy taking the bins out!)  that I don’t enjoy.  

What book and song would you take with you if stranded on an uninhabited island?

I honestly wouldn’t be able to choose and end up writing my own.

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