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Stroud Table Tennis Club is leading the way


Stroud Table Tennis Clubs’ TTKidz programme has been a great success with 40 children signing up across four venues.

Out of the 23 clubs taking part from all over the UK, STTC is leading the way with the highest number of participants and is the only club running at more than one venue.

  • TTKIDZ @ Thomas Keble School 1 | Stroud Table Tennis Club is leading the way
  • TTKIDZ %40 Katharine Lady Berkeley School | Stroud Table Tennis Club is leading the way

Pictured with the Kidz are Lead Activators Graham Slack (TKS/LSPS/SPLC) and Dave Adamson (KLB) , alongside support Activators Harun Ozer (KLB), John Crowther (TKS), Noriko Kikuchi & Mark Edwards (LSPS), Kevin Pride & Connor Humphreys (SPLC)

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