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Tallow & Ash – pioneers of eco-friendly laundry products


Who is Tallow & Ash? Here’s an overview of the company since the launch in June 2023.

Tallow & Ash, an innovator in the laundry industry, through incredible fragrances and eco-friendly laundry products, has been on an extraordinary journey since its inception. Co-founded by Ciara McGurk, whose family history of sensitive skin inspired a mission to create safe and effective laundry solutions, Tallow & Ash is committed to transforming the mundane task of laundry into an enjoyable experience. As Ciara aptly puts it, “For something we do so often, we shouldn’t have to settle for boring scents, ugly bottles, and toxic chemicals.”

Screenshot 2024 05 24 at 15.51.12 | Tallow & Ash - pioneers of eco-friendly laundry products
Ciara McGurk.

The brand’s journey began with the innovative idea of combining planet-friendly, skin-safe formulas with premium fragrances and elegant packaging. By partnering with PhD chemists and master perfumers, Tallow & Ash developed a biodegradable, vegan formula free from micro-plastics and harsh chemicals. This philosophy of “Clean Chemistry” ensures that their products are gentle on the skin and the environment, making laundry safe for the 50% of the population with sensitive skin.

Since its official launch on June 23, 2023Tallow & Ash has achieved remarkable milestones. The brand has grown from zero to over 150,000+ orders and 100,000+ community on social media, within just 11 months. The community-driven brand, with over 70% female investors, raised £1.1 million in a record nine days through crowdfunding in March 2024, demonstrating the strong support and trust from their community.

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Tallow & Ash’s dedication to innovation and speed has enabled them to compete with industry giants, turning a traditionally dull sector into one of excitement and brilliance. Key milestones in their journey include securing investment from James Watt, co-founder and CEO of BrewDog, and Ciara’s accolade as the South West’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2024 UK StartUp Awards.

29 1 | Tallow & Ash - pioneers of eco-friendly laundry products

Looking ahead, Tallow & Ash is poised for further growth with plans to launch six revolutionary new products, develop new fragrances and upgrade their machinery to deliver exceptional customer service. They invite new customers to discover their range through a discovery sample pack, allowing them to experience the brand’s luxurious and eco-friendly offerings firsthand.

For more information, visit www.tallow-ash.com and join the movement to revolutionise the laundry industry.

What is the LaundryLab?

It’s the Tallow + Ash R&D facility and it’s where our mission begins.

It’s where we develop our products with the community, discussing fragrance and product ideas as well as getting feedback on what people like and dislike about their current laundry products.

Involving the community in every aspect of product development and testing is incredibly important to us.

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